Residential Custom Tile Installation

Residential Custom Tile Installation

Over the last few years, there has been a robust demand and request for affordable residential tile installation and with good reasons. Originally, they were mostly utilized in airports, offices, and other commercial or public building. But today, you see tiles installed everywhere, including homes. The most common rooms where these tiles are installed are the basement, bedroom, laundry room, and the living room and playroom.

The advantage of utilizing them is that they are easy to install by yourself even without seeking the services of a professional installer. They are also quite easy to remove for replacement when the need arises. Nowadays, you can find a lot of tiles and squares in residential areas that open up so many opportunities for you as a homeowner.

The common types you will find at Calgary tile installers are the commercial type and the residential type. The major difference between them is their construction. When it comes to your commercial tiles, they have a design loop that allows the yarn to get tucked well. While the residential tiles and squares different coloring, design, and style options.

The most populous cheap residential custom tile installation type done by Calgary tile installers is the frieze square. It comes with a nice and fluffy soft feel to it as a result of high levels of twisting in the yarn. In most cases, you will find it in a primary color and several flecks of matching different colors to offer it a great look. The additional benefit of utilizing this type is because of the interesting style.

It is also possible to locate plush tiles that are very traditional. They will give your room a formal look that many individuals like. They start feeling denser than the frieze tile. This material is not cheap, but it comes less expensive than purchasing an actual carpet for your floors. Additionally, in case you love seeing solid colors on your floors, this one has an extensive selection to choose from.

The market also has different types like the fuse type that has a loop design like commercial types; but it is quite denser, which gives it a softer feel, making it perfect for your home. It becomes easy to mix different pieces by color or by pattern or by both; the choice is all yours. It makes it easy to make custom tiling for the home, which is quite different from other homeowners.

In case you are on the lookout for a very cheap option for flooring in the home. Do not forget to make a comparison across the same measurement type. In case you are using the square foot. Do not go for the square yard for the next piece because the prices will differ vastly.


This is among the commonest choices for the job of tile installation done by Calgary tile installers. It comes in the unglazed and glazed forms. These tiles are common on ceilings, walls, and other rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. These tiles are populous, but they are not the best for flooring as they seem sleek when wet. While choosing ceramic tiles, it is crucial to consider the location as glazed tiles are not as prone to moisture absorption as the unglazed version.


Glass tiles are a very populous choice when it comes to the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors because it has beautiful and translucent looks to them. They have a wide range of shapes and colors, which give you the freedom of creating unique looks in the room. They are a perfect choice for locations that are exposed to high humidity as they are impervious.


Even though concrete tiles are not as populous as ceramic, they are a great choice for different areas, both outside and inside. Concrete is very durable, and it is possible to customize their colors and shapes. Residential custom tile installation for the concrete type is done like any other flooring but can have a sealant added an extra texture to ensure no moisture absorption and less slippery surface when wet.