Kitchen Backsplash Trending Now

For every kitchen renovation or remodeling, the backsplash is an important part that needs to work out. Besides protecting the walls in your working area, it is also complementing the countertop too. Before backsplash is often colorful with vegetable and fruit design with 4 x 4 ceramic tiles. As time goes by this image is changed. Today’s trend you will have a different design, textures, and shapes like natural stone, glass mirror, and many more. Also, it is more creative now to have a backsplash. Hence, the backsplash also has a mixture of contemporary and traditional others with a personal touch in it. In this article, we will see a few trends to consider.

Bigger Subway Tiles

Before, the common size of subway tiles was 3 x 6 inches and has been famous for many years. However, most homeowners are looking for something more different. Though subway tiles are still in trends today for kitchen backsplash, it is not unexpected that we are observing the arising of bigger sizes. Stil homeowners love them, for being old style and easy to maintain.

Particularly, we started to see the industry producing larger sizes of subway tiles. The ideal large size of the subway is 4 x 8 inches or you can look for other available in local stores. The bigger form of a subway tile backsplash can be particularly helpful for a tiny size kitchen where bigger tiles develop the idea of space. Also, it helps in developing a feeling of progression particularly if you are reaching the backsplash to the ceiling.

More Patterns

The impartiality of quartz countertops is barely not anymore plain tile backsplash. Today most homeowners want to have something that turns heads and make an interesting main point for all to love. Others start to create a different tile pattern.

One popular new trend includes the use of printed design or big pattern tile in bold colors. Remember that the tiles have to duplicate the same as wallpaper. That is why it is necessary to outline your design beforehand so that it will look balanced in the end.

With More Appealing Finishes

With present technology that is so advanced now, there is practically an unending choice of finishes to choose from. For your backsplash with a littler aged appearance, you need to have tiles with a weathered finish. There are a lot of finishes that are purpose to imitate natural appearance for a more original look. For example, you have a tumbled tile with a design that looks like a natural stone. Their appearance is like an antique look. There are so many choices of finishes that depend on what kind of style you need for your backsplash and your whole kitchen area.

Different Materials

Most homeowners want their homes to be rare, it is imminent that substitute backsplash materials would come into play. This does not only come with metal-finish tile backsplash but a metal sheet goods as a backsplash. Others mix it with other materials like glass and steel. Others are more creative in creating finishes that are more unique without worrying about cleaning. There is also wood backsplash like cladding, beadboard, wainscoting that can make your kitchen to another level.


Calgary Tile installer presents to you different trends to choose from. The above is just a few of your choices where most tile installation Calgary installed in all residential areas.

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