Awesome Shower Tile Ideas and DIY Tips

If you have any plan to make your shower or bathroom update, there are so many DIY you can turn to. Setting high-quality tiles in the correct design can be done on your own without needing the aid of a pricey dealer. Moreover, the methods if done properly will increase the value of your home. Before we talk about the great shower tile ideas, let us check why you need to put tile installation Calgary in your bathroom or shower area.

Tiles for bathroom and Shower are Easy to Install

It is surprisingly easy to install bathroom tiles, that is why most homeowners do it by themselves. If you know something about basic home renovation skills and a few times to do so. Surely you will do impressive work in tiling your bathroom or shower. However, Calgary Tile installers help provide the following ideas and tips.

Types of Shower Tiles

To make the ways of restyling your shower area easier, check the different tiles option you have which is listed below. Understand the pros and cons of each tile choice, and pick the kind that is correct for your exact needs and situation.

  • Glass Bathroom Tiles – This kind of tile is getting popular because it has custom-made tiles. Meaning you can create your own design that will meet your needs.
  • Metal Bathroom Tiles – The texture of these tiles is perfect for a bathroom. They work great with other kinds of tiles.
  • Vinyl Tiles – Most homeowners prefer to use vinyl bathroom tiles which are easier to install. This is also eco-friendly and reusable.
  • Other Bathroom Tiles – Terracotta, Ceramic, Stone, Linoleum, Pebble, Porcelain, Wood, and Cement-bodied.

The Great Shower Tiles Ideas

  • Built-in Tiled Bench – These benches never neglect in developing an impact particularly if they are made to be part of walk-in showers. Tile benches are very good for big master bathrooms where there is a wide space.
  • The tiles install vertically – With anybody else, you set your bathroom wall tiles horizontally. But you can create another way around by installing your wall tiles vertically. For example, stone tiles, it will increase a great touch as well.
  • Choose a Tile that doesn’t look like tiles – Ceramic tiles look like fabric from afar but if you touch them you will know you are wrong when you feel the coldness of it.
  • Mixes the Colors and Sizes Boldly – If you feel bored with the color of your bathroom, you may go straight to the end of the range and combine the sizes and colors of the tiles.
More Shower Tile Ideas
  • Mosaic Art for Wall
  • You can Regard Wainscoting
  • Add Tiled Border
  • Use Faux Wood
  • Change the size tile of the Bathroom Shower
  • Use different kinds of Tiles
Shower Tile Installation Tips
  • With the use of mortar, it is the best tile bedding adhesive.
  • If you are ordering online, remember to get refined rough pads.
  • To have a suction cup will make you lift sunken tiles.
  • Tile setters make use of margin shovels for everything.

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